Lifespan of Thunderbird 3.0.x

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Thu Jun 24 18:22:37 UTC 2010

  On 6/21/10 1:41 PM, Micah Gersten wrote:
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> With 3.1 quickly approaching release, I was wondering what the lifespan
> of 3.0.x will be once 3.1 is released.  I know normally there is a 6
> month period until EOL, but there was some discussion before about
> skipping that, so I'm posing the question so that we can plan accordingly.
It's likely going to be significantly less than 6 months, but we've just 
started figuring out the details.  Mark or I will post more here once we 
know more (hopefully next week, possibly as late as the week after).


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