code name for Thunderbird 3.2

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Mon Jun 21 18:48:48 UTC 2010

  On 6/20/10 4:19 AM, Archaeopteryx wrote:
> Two concerns:
> 1. Who uses a disaster as a code name? I can't wait for the jokes about
> correlations.
The proposed name is a beach, not a disaster, and, indeed, a name that 
that is not particularly associated with the disaster itself.
> 2. The idea to choose a beach with environmental issues was only born
> because the of the Gulf spill? As bad as it is, but this looks pretty US
> centric to me.
A fair point.  The nice thing about doing more frequent releases is that 
we get use more of a variety of names over time.  If we stick with 
Miramar for 3.2, I like the idea of making the next version after that 
not be US-centric.
>   Why not choose a beach of
> - Nigeria ( )
> - an Indian or Bangladeshi river delta (
> , )
> - Ecuador (
> )
> Following that idea, would
> have been better than Lanikai.
> P.S. For a more future release, keep
> in mind.
Thanks for the suggestions.


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