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Sun Jun 20 11:19:43 UTC 2010

Two concerns:

1. Who uses a disaster as a code name? I can't wait for the jokes about

2. The idea to choose a beach with environmental issues was only born
because the of the Gulf spill? As bad as it is, but this looks pretty US
centric to me. Why not choose a beach of
- Nigeria ( )
- an Indian or Bangladeshi river delta (,89.499779&spn=0.18689,0.121536&z=12
, )
- Ecuador (,-80.235901&spn=0.401777,0.243073&z=11

Following that idea, would
have been better than Lanikai.

P.S. For a more future release, keep in mind.


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Betreff: code name for Thunderbird 3.2
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>  Thunderbird 3.1 was code-named Lanikai, after a beach in Hawaii, and
> the Mozilla Foundation is running a campaign to help people donate to
> help stabilize an endangered species of bird there at
> <>.
> We'd like to do something similar for Thunderbird 3.2, and have been
> talking to the Mozilla Foundation about our options.  They mentioned
> that a lot of folks have been asking if there's some way for Mozilla to
> help channel charitable donations to help clean up after the oil spill
> in the Gulf of Mexico, and suggested that naming the release after
> Miramar beach in Florida would be a good way to do this.
> To quote:
>> [Miramar] is on the gulf coast. It's on the edge of the spill zone,
>> but not largely effected yet, nor is it one of the truly devastated
>> areas. It is a vacation destination in the gulf and the name isn't
>> directly correlated to the spill (so it doesn't immediately make one
>> think of the disaster when they hear the name). The thinking with
>> choosing this beach is that we could use the name (easy to say in
>> English) for 3.2, but fundraise for clean up efforts for the entire gulf.
> I like this thinking, as it strikes me that it does a good job of
> balancing naming concerns while still helping us Do the Right Thing by
> fundraising for the gulf.
> Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.
> I'm hoping to finalize the name this coming week, so feedback by Tuesday
> the 22nd would be great.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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