code name for Thunderbird 3.2

David Bienvenu bienvenu at
Fri Jun 18 23:09:36 UTC 2010

  On 6/18/2010 4:01 PM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> To quote:
>> [Miramar] is on the gulf coast. It's on the edge of the spill zone, but not largely effected yet, nor is it one of the truly devastated areas. It is a vacation 
>> destination in the gulf and the name isn't directly correlated to the spill (so it doesn't immediately make one think of the disaster when they hear the name). The 
>> thinking with choosing this beach is that we could use the name (easy to say in English) for 3.2, but fundraise for clean up efforts for the entire gulf.
> I like this thinking, as it strikes me that it does a good job of balancing naming concerns while still helping us Do the Right Thing by fundraising for the gulf.
I like this thinking as well.

- David

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