code name for Thunderbird 3.2

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Fri Jun 18 23:01:55 UTC 2010

  Thunderbird 3.1 was code-named Lanikai, after a beach in Hawaii, and 
the Mozilla Foundation is running a campaign to help people donate to 
help stabilize an endangered species of bird there at 

We'd like to do something similar for Thunderbird 3.2, and have been 
talking to the Mozilla Foundation about our options.  They mentioned 
that a lot of folks have been asking if there's some way for Mozilla to 
help channel charitable donations to help clean up after the oil spill 
in the Gulf of Mexico, and suggested that naming the release after 
Miramar beach in Florida would be a good way to do this.

To quote:
> [Miramar] is on the gulf coast. It's on the edge of the spill zone, 
> but not largely effected yet, nor is it one of the truly devastated 
> areas. It is a vacation destination in the gulf and the name isn't 
> directly correlated to the spill (so it doesn't immediately make one 
> think of the disaster when they hear the name). The thinking with 
> choosing this beach is that we could use the name (easy to say in 
> English) for 3.2, but fundraise for clean up efforts for the entire gulf.
I like this thinking, as it strikes me that it does a good job of 
balancing naming concerns while still helping us Do the Right Thing by 
fundraising for the gulf.

Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

I'm hoping to finalize the name this coming week, so feedback by Tuesday 
the 22nd would be great.


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