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Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Fri Jun 18 15:23:22 UTC 2010

  On 06/17/2010 06:48 PM, Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:
> (>>Pull latest comm-central and update to a safe 
> mozilla-central revision <<
> *especially* if we make this default, it will depend on 
> instrumentation a bit. What happens if --mozilla-repo is not m-c. Do 
> we test for that, not support it, etc.  i.e. local clones, alternate 
> project branches etc.

We could certainly ask the data source if it knows anything about the 
repo URL in use, and if it does not, just print out a message like "We 
don't know anything about what revisions are good on this branch, the 
build may not work." and go with the tip of the default branch for that 
repo.  That way additional branches could be added in the future with 
only a change on the back-end (or who is submitting data to the back-end).

> Then there is the question of what happens if there is a network 
> failure between and the service that hosts this setup. Do we 
> assume m-c tip, no update, etc.

I would expect MoMo infrastructure failures to be highly correlated (and 
rare). So from a Tinderbox perspective, this should be super-rare, but 
it seems like just sticking with the current rev is the best bet where 
possible.  For fresh pulls, pulling from the tip of default with a 
warning seems reasonable.

> Last, do we care about potential extension alternatives 
> (venkman/chatzilla) etc breakages/revs?

I'd say no as I don't think we ever suggest enabling any extension other 
than DOM inspector and I don't think it has ever been a trouble point.

> >>When a mozilla-central changeset has all green builds, the changeset 
> will be counted as "good".<<
> Builds, Builds+Tests, Builds+Starred tests, other?
> IOW what are we using to determine this "good" state exactly. A green 
> build but thousands of busted tests is not necessarily good. Talos can 
> have a MAJOR (>200% regression too) do we count talos in our infra 
> here, if so "how"?

Builds + Tests.  Thunderbird doesn't have Talos-type metrics right now, 
and most of the performance regressions on Firefox' Talos are minor from 
the perspective of Thunderbird.

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