Help with cleaning up trunk

Justin Wood (Callek) callek at
Thu Jun 17 02:38:50 UTC 2010

  On 6/16/2010 5:34 PM, Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:
>  On 6/16/2010 6:31 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
>>  On 15/06/2010 23:55, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>>>  On 15.06.2010 16:48, Mark Banner wrote:
>>>> How's trunk looking on non-Mac platforms, anyone tried it out yet?
>>> I used to use trunk on Linux, but stopped about a month ago when the 
>>> "freeze UI for 10 seconds, every 60 seconds or so, esp. when 
>>> anything happens with the (IMAP-)folders"-bug wouldn't go away and 
>>> dmose urged me to use 3.1.
>> Certainly at the time, the better option was to use 3.1, as that's 
>> what we were trying to get shipped.
>> As to the actual trunk issue, I don't think I heard anything about 
>> that. Is there a bug on it?
> If it is due to what I think, there is a bug on it; and it is related 
> to GC firings. from the JavaScript engine, I believe I CC-ed myself on 
> the bug, so will check in a few hours and point it out if so.
Bug 570435

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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