Canary System for trunk

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Jun 17 12:24:33 UTC 2010

  On 17/06/2010 09:19, Mark Banner wrote:
> Based on the recent discussion 
> <> 
> about a second set of builders / canary system. I've come up with a 
> spec of what we want it to do:
> At this stage, I'm just trying to come up with a list of aims/basic 
> design features to check that we've got everything that we want from 
> it covered. Once we've agreed on that, then we can start thinking 
> about the implementation.
> Hence, please provide thoughts/feedback here.
One minor issue I've just thought of. If mozilla-central does an API 
change which breaks canary, and we then check the fix into comm-central, 
then we'll temporarily break trunk.

However, I think there's two options here: one is that we plan the trunk 
breakage so that once canary is green trunk will pick up the latest fix 
and rebuild, the other is that we provide a method for manually bumping 
the revision of trunk - i.e. I know this revision of mozilla-central 
will be green with the next revision of comm-central.

I'll work that into the requirements later.

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