Adopting the mozilla-central superreview policy in comm-central

Karsten Düsterloh mnyromyr at
Thu Jun 10 22:01:26 UTC 2010

Mark Banner aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
>   Having thought about it on and off for a while now, I'd like to 
> propose that we adopt the mozilla-central super review policy for at 
> least the Thunderbird code in comm-central. The current policy is here:
> I think this has various advantages, including not all patches in 
> mailnews requiring sr - especially the small ones where we tend to use 
> the same reviewers anyway - whilst ensuring that API changes get the 
> extra consideration that they sometimes need.

I'm wary, to be honest.
Especially /mailnews is a precious and in parts rather complex beast,
which IMO has seen too few serious reviewing, not too much.

> If we get general agreement here, I'm planning on taking this out to the 
> newsgroups and seeing if at least suite/ wants to join as well

Note that /suite/mailnews even has a stricter policy than the rest of
/suite, and I don't think this will change

> Please respond with questions, comments, etc. If there's no responses, 
> I'll assume everyone is in agreement and start moving the discussion 
> forward to the newsgroups.

Actually, I find this policy change strange, to say the least. I'd say
that TB needs - no offence meant! - more reviewing, not less.
I'm aware that reviewers as such are a scarce resource, but (as I said
before) you can't exchange competence by automation...


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