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Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Jun 10 12:42:07 UTC 2010

  As I mentioned briefly in this week's status meeting, the aim for 
trunk for the next couple of weeks is to get it in a position where we 
are able to ship it as an alpha release.

Generally, I believe the trunk builds to be in a reasonable state. The 
tree is reasonably green at the moment which certainly helps, especially 
as that means the areas which our tests cover should still be working fine.

However I have two requests for help:

   1. Testing of nightly builds.
          * There hasn't been significant diverge in the code base yet
            (apart from the backend) so this should be fine testing with
            existing profiles, though you may want to back up first!
          * Please can folks spend a little bit of time testing trunk
            builds - here we're generally looking at the question of is
            everything still working and looking reasonable in trunk
            i.e. are there any dogfood
            <> bugs or big
            regressions from 3.1 that we need to fix?
          * See below for some bugs we know about. If you file new ones,
            please let me know.
   2. Help with fixing bugs
          * We've a few issues that we know about that we need to fix,
            some haven't hit us yet. See the list below, if people can
            help us fix them up, then it will help us move forward quicker.
          * We've got a bug on file for getting blocking and status
            flags set up for the trunk builds. Hopefully that should
            happen in the next few days, then we can start flagging some
            of these in those queries.

Significant bugs I know about:

    * Bug 565294 <>
      Add-on manager doesn't work.
          o Help with debugging would be very useful.
    * Bug 563764 <> /
      Bug 563766 <>
      Jit has been disabled in chrome because it was broken - the quick
      search filter bar wasn't working correctly and mozmill tests were
          o All we know here is the functionality we use regressed at
            some stage between 1.9.2 and 1.9.3, but afaik there's no
            easy way to do a regression test for it. I'm hoping Andrew
            can take a look at it in the next few days.
    * Bug 553993 <>
      The network error page doesn't work
          o I have a patch awaiting review for this.
    * Bug 565027 <>
      The tests in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/ frequently time out
      - probably Mac only.
          o Admittedly this wouldn't even be an alpha blocker, but we're
            seeing frequent orange from it.
          o There's a bit of information on the bug it would be useful
            to know if it (easily) happens on non-Mac platforms.
          o If anyone has time to spend trying to reproduce and/or
            debug, that would be useful.

Any other significant bugs that are regressions from 3.1?

If anyone can spend a little bit of time debugging/fixing please assign 
the bug to yourself or let us know here so that we don't duplicate effort.

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