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Dan Mosedale dmose at
Fri Jun 4 19:01:33 UTC 2010

  I quite agree that things aren't working right at this moment.   I 
also agree that there's a bunch of merit to your suggestion, but before 
jumping down to the level of exactly what to _do_, I think it's 
important to be sure that we're all working from the same basic 
assumptions about what goals the review subsystem is intended to serve.  
I have a strong suspicion that that's not currently the case.

Happily, the MoMo onsite in Vancouver provided the opportunity for a 
number of Thunderbird reviewers to get together and talk about what 
exactly we wanted from our review system.  We came up with what we 
suspect is the right set of priorities.  I need to clean them up a bit; 
I'll send a link to tb-planning on Monday requesting feedback so that we 
can all get on the same page.


On 6/4/10 10:33 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>  Hi all,
> can you please reserve a timeslot during your day for reviews? I have 
> a review which is waiting since months now, and progressing slowly. 
> The developer tells me he needs to fix 3.1 problems. While I totally 
> understand:
> This cannot bring reviews to a halt. Reviews have to be done as well. 
> In fact, I argue reviews are generally more important than new 
> development, because reviews are about things already done. So, 
> development work must be seen independent from reviews.
> I recommend that every (full-time) developer with review duties 
> reserves 1-2 hours per day (e.g. one in the morning during coffee and 
> one in the afternoon after lunch) for reviews. This timeslot is 
> *reserved*, meaning no development, no matter the priority, supersedes 
> this timeslot.
> I realize we're shortly before 3.1 release, and I understand, and I 
> can wait these few more days, no problem, but this is a general 
> problem, I'm hearing this argument since 1-2 months already, and 
> there'll be an 3.1.1 with urgent fixes etc.pp.. There'll always be 
> pressue on developers, so the review timeslot needs to be untouchable.
> Ben
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