Reviews timeslot

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Jun 4 17:33:20 UTC 2010

  Hi all,

can you please reserve a timeslot during your day for reviews? I have a 
review which is waiting since months now, and progressing slowly. The 
developer tells me he needs to fix 3.1 problems. While I totally understand:

This cannot bring reviews to a halt. Reviews have to be done as well. In 
fact, I argue reviews are generally more important than new development, 
because reviews are about things already done. So, development work must 
be seen independent from reviews.

I recommend that every (full-time) developer with review duties reserves 
1-2 hours per day (e.g. one in the morning during coffee and one in the 
afternoon after lunch) for reviews. This timeslot is *reserved*, meaning 
no development, no matter the priority, supersedes this timeslot.

I realize we're shortly before 3.1 release, and I understand, and I can 
wait these few more days, no problem, but this is a general problem, I'm 
hearing this argument since 1-2 months already, and there'll be an 3.1.1 
with urgent fixes etc.pp.. There'll always be pressue on developers, so 
the review timeslot needs to be untouchable.


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