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  On 30/07/2010 5:02 AM, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 10-07-29 3:07 PM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>> On 7/29/10 11:04 AM, Alan Lord (Gmail) wrote:
>>> In a sense you are right. I don't really think about whether it's
>>> IMAP or NNTP. But, the way you [more likely "I"] interact or relate
>>> with a newsgroup is very different to an email list.
>> I very much agree that in Thunderbird, the interactions currently
>> presented for mailboxes and newsgroups have important differences,
>> such that the "newsgroup presentation" is non-trivially more pleasant
>> for a number of workflows and tasks.
> Are there any differences between them that _aren't_ related to the 
> way we present them? i.e. if they were both presented in exactly the 
> same manner, would you still interact or relate to them differently?
> I've noticed that for most of the organizations I interact with, 
> (thinking about it a little, I think I mean every organization except 
> for Mozilla,) mailing lists and web forums are how they communicate.
Blake, Don't confuse marketing control with either usability or 
convenience. Organisations are moving to mailing lists and web forums 
for two primary reasons. One is that the average user of the Internet 
actually does not know that mail and HTTP are different. News, that is 
something you get on television (right), ?The primary reason however is 
control. With a mailing list or forum the company gets very fine control 
over what gets said. It is a trivial action to ban someone who raises 
issues which might be controversial or damaging to the company etc. To 
stay on a mailing list or forum you have to abide by arbitrary rules 
dictated by the forum/mailing list owner. This is not true of NNTP. As 
someone already said the barriers for inclusion are minor in comparison. 
A newgroup provides freedom that does not exist in any other 
communication forum. You subscribe scan reply to what you see as 
interesting all without any threading difficulties or the need to bounce 
between Thunderbird and Firefox. (The get satisfaction forum is a great 
example here. Almost impenetrable to review or search in any 
constructive way and a prodigious producer of mailing list mail that 
requires a trip to the web site to reply to. All of this and no 
threading to follow what is going on.)


  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

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