NNTP and thunderbird-related lists

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozilla.org
Fri Jul 30 19:15:28 UTC 2010

  On 7/30/10 12:24 AM, bugzilla at babylonsounds.com wrote:
> I haven't prepared an exhaustive list and some things have already been
> mentioned by Ben and others, but here it comes:
> - My Inbox and my mailer is a kind of to do list for me. Unread mails
>    tell me, there's something that you have to deal with. I don't have
>    that with a dedicated newsreader
Right, having these things show up as unread does indeed work less well 
in that style of workflow.
> - POP3 or IMAP servers are much slower in downloading a larger number of
>    messages than a dedicated NNTP server. So I have to wait much longer
>    to take a look at the contents of a mailing list compared to a newsgroup.
That's an interesting point.  I wasn't aware that that was true these 
days.  More to the point though, are there any Thunderbird mailing lists 
(particularly tb-planning and tb-enterprise, but, really, any at all) 
that have enough volume that this is noticable?  If so, which ones, and 
what lengths of delays are you referring to?
> - I use a dedicated newsreader (Forte Agent) for reading newsgroups, which
>    is much better in terms of speed, threading and filtering. It also allows
>    me to ignore threads or sub-threads. That is something that a TB is
>    unable to do, since a mailreader is primarily designed for 1:1
>    conversations, not 1:n or m:n conversations.
It's certainly true that dedicated newsreaders such as Forte have 
significantly better tools today for 1:n and m:n conversations, 
particularly for larger values of n.
> - Due to my day job (consultant) I have to read mail and newsgroups through
>    web interfaces throughout the work week. Generally NNTP web interfaces
>    like www.newsoffice.de do a much better job in terms of presenting
>    threads and conversations than the webmailer of my mail provider.
Interesting; I wasn't aware of www.newsoffice.de.  Does Google Groups 
work for you as a web interface?
> - I use dedicated tools at home that inform me when someone has replied to
>    a post of mine in a newsgroup. That way I can prioritize these kinds of
>    conversations. I haven't found a tool that does that for my mailreader TB.
What sort of notification mechanism does it use to inform you?  If 
someone wrote an add-on that made the "Watch" feature work for email, do 
you think that would that be good enough?


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