NNTP and thunderbird-related lists

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozilla.org
Thu Jul 29 21:16:29 UTC 2010

  On 7/29/10 1:49 PM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Dan Mosedale schrieb:
>> So if I'm understanding correctly, this is really less about the
>> underlying transport mechanism (NNTP vs. SMTP), but, rather about the
>> way that most current email UI code isn't smart enough to present less
>> urgent fora in a way that's easily skimmed in a more leisurely fashion.
>> Is that right?
> To a certain degree, yes, but unless we can solve every piece of my 
> email experience at once (i.e. including any mobile use, which I 
> currently satisfy with the basic webmail experience of squirrelmail), 
> we'll not be able to satisfyingly solve the problem. And as nice as 
> the hypothetical work that might one time get done for Thunderdrop 
> (not sure which is the actual future product, so I merge them) is, it 
> doesn't help me much today and won't help the whole chain for a while.

I agree that there are a bunch of different places where the email 
experience needs to be hoisted up to be as good as the current newsgroup 
experience, and furthermore that these things are not likely to happen 
all at once or immediately.  I also agree that pushing the ecosystem as 
a whole to offer good experiences for these use cases is a great goal, 
but is, as you say, further out.

> Still, the push vs. pull problem is a feature of the transport 
> mechanism, and won't be solved by Thunderdrop UX work.

This is where I'm still confused.  If the way one thinks about the user 
experience is "expose the transport layer to the user", I could see 
where that might be the case.

In general, current Thunderbird thinking is that we try to "design the 
experience to help the user solve a problem and abstract away the 
transport layer".  Now, sometimes that transport layer can have 
technical features that make it impossible to do that, and I can imagine 
a few edge cases where that might be true in the experiences we've 
talked about in this thread.  I'm not, however, aware of any substantial 
issues that aren't fixable with some minor protocol extensions.

Can you elaborate on what specific features of the current newsgroup 
experience wouldn't be practical to implement purely based on email + 
some tweaks to email software & headers?


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