NNTP and thunderbird-related lists

Blake Winton bwinton at latte.ca
Thu Jul 29 19:32:08 UTC 2010

On 10-07-29 3:07 PM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> On 7/29/10 11:04 AM, Alan Lord (Gmail) wrote:
>> In a sense you are right. I don't really think about whether it's
>> IMAP or NNTP. But, the way you [more likely "I"] interact or relate
>> with a newsgroup is very different to an email list.
> I very much agree that in Thunderbird, the interactions currently
> presented for mailboxes and newsgroups have important differences,
> such that the "newsgroup presentation" is non-trivially more pleasant
> for a number of workflows and tasks.

Are there any differences between them that _aren't_ related to the way 
we present them?  i.e. if they were both presented in exactly the same 
manner, would you still interact or relate to them differently?

I've noticed that for most of the organizations I interact with, 
(thinking about it a little, I think I mean every organization except 
for Mozilla,) mailing lists and web forums are how they communicate.  I 
strongly agree that in Thunderbird the newsgroup UI does seem to work 
better for a number of tasks, and so I think one of our goals should be 
to bring the benefits of the newsgroup UI to the methods/protocols our 
users are currently using.  (I'm not offering any suggestions as to how 
we should do that, just the suggestion that that's something we should 
aim for.)

>> The replying bit is much more complex and requires concentration:
>> For this *very* message I clicked on Reply and noticed that it
>> would reply just to Dan. So I used Reply All and then had to change
>> Dan's email from To: to CC: and the list from CC: to To:. Blech -
>> that sucks.
> Agreed; we can do better here for the email workflow. There's
> actually a bug that Blake was working on a while ago to make it easy
> to toggle which _might_ address this. I'll let him chime in about
> whether it would cover this use case.

Well, in theory it would, but I just hit the "reply list" button, and it 
goes to the right people.  ;)

The extension (which needs some changes made to Thunderbird, and which 
probably doesn't work, and which is located at 
<http://hg.mozilla.org/users/bwinton_latte.ca/replytoggle/>) would let 
you toggle between all the various reply modes right from the compose pane.

>> I access almost all the mailing lists I am subscribed to by News
>> (thanks to gmane) and I turn off all mail sending in my mailman
>> subscription panels. It just works :-)
> I hear ya. As I think I mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I'd like
> to see Thunderbird get significantly better at automatically
> segragating messages that one uses differently (as the Mailing List
> Manager Add-on is starting to do today).

Maybe it could even hook into the X-List-Archive header, and WebForums 
extension, and provide all the history of that list, as if it was a 
newsgroup.  (Yeah, I know, I just invalidated my comment above about not 
offering suggestions.  Ah well.  :)


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