NNTP and thunderbird-related lists

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozilla.org
Thu Jul 29 19:13:26 UTC 2010

  On 7/29/10 8:13 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>> I'd like to re-frame this: Newsgroups are also pull, not push.
> That's actually my most important factor next to the integration of 
> archives, as I learned through analyzing my at first very diffuse 
> negative feelings towards those mailing lists.
> As a person reading a huge amount of information daily, it's important 
> to differentiate the rather important ones that *push* information up 
> to me for immediate viewing, just like email landing in my inbox, and 
> those I can *pull* and skim _at my convenience_ like feeds and 
> newsgroups.
> I can set up filters that put mailing list messages into more obscure 
> places, but even needing to set up a filter is additional work that 
> the newsgroups don't need - and then the mailing list still clutters 
> up the "new messages in that account" - and forgetting to reply to the 
> whole list is also a common pitfall for me there.

So if I'm understanding correctly, this is really less about the 
underlying transport mechanism (NNTP vs. SMTP), but, rather about the 
way that most current email UI code isn't smart enough to present less 
urgent fora in a way that's easily skimmed in a more leisurely fashion.  
Is that right?

> Also, when I'm traveling, I can safely ignore newsgroups but mailing 
> list messages still end up in my IMAP inbox and I have to do something 
> with them in order to get to the more important messages that can also 
> be there.

Right, so from what I can see, this is actually another incarnation of 
the problem that the email client isn't managing (at least) setting up a 
filter for you automatically.

> BTW, I've never heard people who read m.d.planning as a newsgroup 
> complain about threads growing into long discussions, but I have heard 
> that complaint a number of times from people reading it as a mailing 
> list. That also does say something, right?

It clearly says something, but it's not obvious to me exactly what.  It 
_might_ be a problem solved by some of the email UX changes I've 
proposed in this thread, but then again maybe not.  Presumably we'd need 
to either try some of those changes or talk to the complaining users 
more to know.


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