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Alan Lord (Gmail) alanslists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 18:04:57 UTC 2010

On 29/07/10 18:43, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> On 7/29/10 12:39 AM, Alan Lord (Gmail) wrote:
>> I think the key point for me with NNTP is the last sentence of Ben's:
>> "Newsgroups are entirely separate."
>> I agree with his general statement and I work in a similar way by the
>> sound of it; email is for stuff that needs dealing with fairly
>> promptly. News I can dip in and out of as when I have time or choose
>> to do so.
>> I like the separation of email and News.
> If I'm understanding correctly, I think the key point here for both you
> and Ben is really more about the presentation and less about the
> underlying transport, in this sense: it's important to you to be able to
> separate out messages for lower priority discussions and deal with them
> at your leisure, and without feeling pressured to do so by the way
> they're presented to you. Does that sound right?

In a sense you are right. I don't really think about whether it's IMAP 
or NNTP. But, the way you [more likely "I"] interact or relate with a 
newsgroup is very different to an email list.

The replying bit is much more complex and requires concentration: For 
this *very* message I clicked on Reply and noticed that it would reply 
just to Dan. So I used Reply All and then had to change Dan's email from 
To: to CC: and the list from CC: to To:. Blech - that sucks.

When I reply to a message in NNTP it is simple and there is (usually) 
just one recipient.

In my Thunderbird, the News "tree" sits at the bottom of the whole TB 
folder list. My email accounts start at the top with the most important 
one (my company) first - I have about 10 email accounts configured and I 
use the "All Folders" display (I never have got the hang of smart 
folders) - so News is a long way down and takes scrolling. It is not 
important in the same way as with, say, my company email.

I access almost all the mailing lists I am subscribed to by News 
(thanks to gmane) and I turn off all mail sending in my mailman 
subscription panels. It just works :-)


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