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Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Thu Jul 29 15:13:16 UTC 2010

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
> I'd like to re-frame this: Newsgroups are also pull, not push.

That's actually my most important factor next to the integration of 
archives, as I learned through analyzing my at first very diffuse 
negative feelings towards those mailing lists.

As a person reading a huge amount of information daily, it's important 
to differentiate the rather important ones that *push* information up to 
me for immediate viewing, just like email landing in my inbox, and those 
I can *pull* and skim _at my convenience_ like feeds and newsgroups.

I can set up filters that put mailing list messages into more obscure 
places, but even needing to set up a filter is additional work that the 
newsgroups don't need - and then the mailing list still clutters up the 
"new messages in that account" - and forgetting to reply to the whole 
list is also a common pitfall for me there.

Also, when I'm traveling, I can safely ignore newsgroups but mailing 
list messages still end up in my IMAP inbox and I have to do something 
with them in order to get to the more important messages that can also 
be there.

BTW, I've never heard people who read m.d.planning as a newsgroup 
complain about threads growing into long discussions, but I have heard 
that complaint a number of times from people reading it as a mailing 
list. That also does say something, right?

Robert Kaiser

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