NNTP and thunderbird-related lists

Karsten Düsterloh mnyromyr at tprac.de
Thu Jul 29 06:35:00 UTC 2010

Dan Mosedale wrote:
> What's still not clear to me is whether having all mailing list messages 
> filtered to another another folder works for you or not.  Does it?  If 
> not, is that because the "unread" count & "unread" status of the folder 
> also bubble up to the visible & audible representations of the account 
> in the folder pane and dock?

Configuring mailing lists costs a lot of time:
- subscription for each list is usually separate (with separate
usernames/passwords etc.) and out of process (via web) or clumsy (pseudo
double opt-in etc.)
- you need to set up additional (folder/tag) structure to keep them
- you need to set up custom filters to move them into your structure
- you get spammed by mails
- replies need careful handling due to widely varying to/cc/list-*
header configurations of mailing lists

Newsservers usually(!) have a server wide login (if at all), are
readable on your request (pull!), have a fixed folder structure, a
standard way for replies, etc.

Newsgroups pay off in setup cost (as compared to lists) from the second
group you subscribe on a server.

> * newsgroups have lower barriers to entry and exit than mailing lists, 
> which is helpful since one often doesn't know how valuable a 
> subscription will be before subscribing?


> The reason I've put "something about web archives" here is because I'm 
> unclear how the more general statement you've made applies to the 
> specific cases we're talking about here.  Our primary archives for 
> tb-planning and tb-enterprise are Google Groups.  Is it your feeling 
> that they are insufficiently reader-friendly?

Google Groups is a badly searchable and badly readable, because almost
all mechanisms of a good newsreader are missing (like killfiles,
watches, etzc.).


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