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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozillamessaging.com
Thu Jul 29 13:23:30 UTC 2010

 On 29/07/10 02:33, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>>> * When one subscribes to a mailing list in a desktop client
>>> (including Thunderbird), there's no immediate context displaying the
>>> conversations currently in progress.
>> I'd like to re-frame this: Newsgroups are also pull, not push. I can
>> peek into a group at any time, without having to be subscribed, and
>> can see the whole history, and read things in the comfort of
>> Thunderbird (I do not feel web archives to be reader friendly, for
>> more than a few posts). I also can reply easily there. I often don't
>> know whether I am interested in a group, or I want to participate
>> only in one thread or only at certain occasions and then ignore the
>> group again.
> Would it be fair to summarize this reframing by saying:
> * newsgroups have lower barriers to entry and exit than mailing lists,
> which is helpful since one often doesn't know how valuable a
> subscription will be before subscribing?
Yes that's a very good reason, because when people are asked to give
feedback to a mailing list and they aren't subscribed yet it makes it
very difficult for them to reply to the thread (and a new thread gets

One more cosmetic reasons is that I see my replies by defaults in a
newsgroup while on a mailing list I don't even get my posts (I need to
check elsewhere to make sure they got there)


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