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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Thu Jul 29 12:17:33 UTC 2010

  On 29.07.2010 02:33, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> Given what you're saying here, it sounds like you're agreeing that the 
> default situation of messages ending up in your Inbox makes it harder 
> for your working style, because it's more painful to try and keep the 
> unread count of your Inbox at zero.  Correct?


> What's still not clear to me is whether having all mailing list 
> messages filtered to another another folder works for you or not.  
> Does it?

Not really. (I do that.) I still have them sitting as "unread" there, 
and for some reason it does annoy me. Technically, that's not rational. 
But they are part of my "inbox" now.

> If not, is that because the "unread" count & "unread" status of the 
> folder also bubble up to the visible & audible representations of the 
> account in the folder pane and dock?

Not really. I see the folder bold in the folder pane and with unread msg 
status. (Which for most folders means I have to do something now.)

>> Newsgroups are also pull, not push. I can peek into a group at any 
>> time, without having to be subscribed, and can see the whole history, 
>> and read things in the comfort of Thunderbird (I do not feel web 
>> archives to be reader friendly, for more than a few posts). I also 
>> can reply easily there. I often don't know whether I am interested in 
>> a group, or I want to participate only in one thread or only at 
>> certain occasions and then ignore the group again.
> Would it be fair to summarize this reframing by saying:
> * newsgroups have lower barriers to entry and exit than mailing lists, 
> which is helpful since one often doesn't know how valuable a 
> subscription will be before subscribing?

No, not really. That's just one part of what I said above.

It's also when I know the group may be valuable, but only marginally and 
sometimes. With a mailing list, it's all or nothing, always or never. 
With a newsgroup, I fetch the messages and participate when I want 
(which may be only when I feel like it, or once a month/week only 
skimming over it, or only when I hear from third party sources that 
there's an interesting discussion going on right now). With this pull 
method, I am more in control.

> * (something about web archives)
> The reason I've put "something about web archives" here is because I'm 
> unclear how the more general statement you've made applies to the 
> specific cases we're talking about here.  Our primary archives for 
> tb-planning and tb-enterprise are Google Groups.  Is it your feeling 
> that they are insufficiently reader-friendly?

I find messages on the web reader-unfriendly in general. Websites are 
too slow (1-3s per click), and I don't like that they force their UI on 
me, the UI is usually cumbersome in comparison to TB. I don't like web 
forums, facebook or mailing list archives. I want the stuff in 
Thunderbird, with the Thunderbird 3pane UI (and the faster speed that 
dedicated protocols have). I use Thunderbird instead of a web mailer out 
of conviction, for speed, privacy, comfort, control.


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