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Comment #3 I think says it all.
> For most people, emails are just not expressive enough
So why is that...Certainly the capability is there, but the "ease of use" is not.
When I say the capability is there, that's just theoretical. From the practical aspect, we are far from the mark.
One trip from a novice into HTML compose is all that it takes to put new users off.
We can't even provide a consistent default font selection, let alone commonly used web tags like marguee or embed.
And now we have core Gecko deciding that those tags should be sanitized <> for all platform users.

I know some folks shudder at the prospect of a marquee tag in an email, but when used discretely, it adds dynamism to mail.
The same goes for the embed tag. And remember that there is always the option to View>>message body as simple html or plaintext.

Just for the record, the equivalent of the Facebook environment has been around for years.
It's called Newsgroups, the only thing different is that a newsgroup is a locus of friends, rather than an individual contact point.

Now here's a thought, mozilla-messaging provides a small (maybe sponsored) profile page, available to web-search with
anonymous forwarding to a hidden email addy. Wouldn't that be something, a  MOMO web-ring sponsored by...Google???
Google might like that if a Google profile, and gmail account was required, or even just advertised.

This could be a "real name" clearing house, where we use maybe an app like "mailman" to forward the request for mail contact.
Registration could be offered, on TB first use.

I'm looking at 3-4 Facebook "friend requests", from family member no less. Yet they all know my personal email addy.
We should tap into that seemingly basic desire for a common meeting point.

Rambling on....
What about a news-server where the initial post is the equivalent of a Facebook page, and the other threads are hidden unless they
are permitted "friends" That could lead to some interesting challenges in threading, as well as how the interactions would proliferate.
Of course the news-server wouldn't be web accessible, but that could be a distinct advantage.

Let's allow some flair, and expressiveness in mailnews, and make it easier to compose.
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