Aero glass feedback wanted

Richard Marti richard.marti at
Wed Jul 21 17:35:18 UTC 2010

*Thomas Stache* wrote:
> Well, it's... interesting. I have some comments:
> (tested on Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0b3pre) 
> Gecko/20100721 Shredder/3.2a1pre)
> 1. The splitters between the panes need a wider hit area, I think 
> Firefox' Aero theme has some tricks making the splitters look 1px thin, 
> while actually being wider.

Good catch. I've already a fixed version. I'm waiting some hours for
more feedback and upload it then.

> 2. I have a transparent context menu e.g. in the thread pane (only text, 
> no background and borders)

This is because TB still uses popups and this are removed by the FF
people. A patch from Ludovic is on the way. The aeroglass theme isn't a
full theme. It uses the default theme and only adds some styling.
> 3. Generally I'm not convinced of using so much glass - the menu bar and 
> the toolbars lack separation, especially in the Compose window. Maybe 
> making the menu bar auto-hide as in Firefox would be worthwhile. But in 
> the end I might prefer the blue toolbar style sketched here
> (or dare I say it... in Postbox) better...
You can try the Win7 Basic styling. Then you see the blue toolbars. I
asked already, what when someone don't like the aero styling of TB (also
non transparent). This could also be done by applying a theme like the
aeroglass theme.


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