Thunderbird high-level plan

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Mon Jul 19 22:18:32 UTC 2010

  On 7/17/10 5:51 PM, David Bienvenu wrote:
> And I think there is a fair amount of other change going on on the 
> mozilla central trunk (e.g., all gecko interfaces are now unfrozen) 
> that is going to make it harder and harder.
>>> As I understand it, trunk would ship about one month after FF ships 
>>> with the same backend. The best estimates of trunk shipping would be 
>>> first quarter 2011.
My understanding is that we wouldn't be committing to shipping 1-month 
after FF, but that that would be the first possible time we _could_ ship 
off of trunk.  I think it's very hard to us make the call about when the 
trunk would ship from where we're standing now.  I'm interested in 
Mark's thoughts here...
>> That is terribly late, though. A lot of the trunk code wouldn't be 
>> shipped for almost a year.
> We've had worse :-) If FF ships sooner, we will try  to be in a 
> position to ship TB off the trunk sooner as well.
Indeed, it'd be nice if we could ship it sooner, but I have yet to see a 
proposal that would thread this needle and balance all the competing 
interests here.


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