New Account Types and data equivalency (was post TB 3.1 mailnews backend plans)

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Sun Jul 18 05:24:10 UTC 2010

  On 18.07.2010 06:46, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
> The next revision of gloda will build on raindrop's data model efforts 
> and change the gloda message invariant from the mailnews-ish "each 
> conceptual message has exactly one location, is characterized by that 
> location, and there may be more than one conceptual message with a 
> message-id" to the raindrop and gmail-ish "there is only ever one 
> conceptual message for a given message-id* and that message may exist 
> in multiple locations with slightly different headers depending on 
> transport routing".

What about a message that arrives both via email and, say, RSS/blog, or 
even twitter? The content is bound to be different, one version may be 
shorter and even use URLs, or use different formatting or even a 
different content type (plaintext vs. HTML), but it's the same content. 
Or do you think it's too difficult to match these and prefer not even 
try to do so for fear of matching different msgs?

> In terms of gloda and back-end plans (as a general response to the 
> thread), my current gloda plan is to use mailnews exclusively as a 
> means of POP and IMAP protocol support with all new account types 
> being added at a gloda level.

So, gloda would migrate from being a data copy just for search to being 
the central mail store and API? Makes sense to me.


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