Thunderbird Product Notes v0.6

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Sat Jul 17 01:16:36 UTC 2010

> Current plan is to explore plenty of things through extensions. I know 
> dmose is thinking about publishing a list of those extensions that 
> we'll be working on. I think that's what he meant by :
>> A todo on my list (as listed on 
>> <>) is 
>> to put together a product priorities page which ties some of these 
>> things together.  I suspect this will help address the concerns you 
>> mention.
That's exactly right.  Bryan and DavidB have posted a whole bunch of the 
relevant content today to this very mailing list (thanks, guys!).

I'll be out at OSCON next week, so I won't be getting a lot done then, 
but I hope to work with a variety of folks after I get back and in the 
first part of August to make our overall thinking here easier to find 
and understand.


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