Thunderbird high-level plan

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Sat Jul 17 01:07:25 UTC 2010 
has a redrawing of a picture we drew last week that we think represents 
the basic plan for Miramar (Thunderbird -- I've shied away from 
calling it 3.2 for now, because trunk is currently referring to itself 
that way, but we want to base Miramar on 1.9.2).

The intent here is to continue to use trunk as our primary development 
substrate, and backport high-value features and fixes that need a 
release vehicle to Miramar.

Mark and I talked through a bunch of the details that aren't yet nailed 
down, particularly around the faster testing releases and localization, 
and he's planning to post something next week digging into what is and 
isn't known about those parts so that they get sorted out sooner rather 
than later.

In the interests of getting better at practicing some of the agile 
pieces that we've been preaching lately, I'm going to talk about our 
active feature work in a separate post, as some of it is likely to end 
up in the 3.2 release vehicle, and some of it not, and we don't yet know 


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