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 On 15/07/10 21:33, neandr wrote:
>  [15.07.2010 21:21]    »Dan Mosedale« wrote:
>> On 7/15/10 11:23 AM, neandr wrote:
>>> With David  coming on board we have seen some plans, very
>>> enthusiastic  eg. about the integration of LG with TB.
>>> Did I missed the updates to all of that?
>> Yes, see <> for the
>> details.  That page specifically talks about Thunderbird 3, but the
>> keep-it-as-an-addon plan is still current.  Note that as part of
>> Thunderbird 3.1, the start page advertises Lightning to end-users.
> :-)    I expected this would lead to a misunderstanding, sorry not to
> modify my answer before sending.
> Yes, I known a change for TB/LG took place. Alternatively I could have
> taken one of my favorites: TB/AB or the use of "Categories" across TB/LG.
> The question was more general about David's / the team's plans, the
> plans for TB beyond 3.1, the TBnext. :-D

Current plan is to explore plenty of things through extensions. I know
dmose is thinking about publishing a list of those extensions that we'll
be working on. I think that's what he meant by :

> A todo on my list (as listed on
> <>) is
> to put together a product priorities page which ties some of these
> things together.  I suspect this will help address the concerns you
> mention.

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