Thunderbird Product Notes v0.6

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Jul 15 09:34:35 UTC 2010

  On 15.07.2010 00:42, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>> One question if I may, or please tell me to go elsewhere, but why is 
>> the Market focus just SOHO? 
> From a strategic point of view, the biggest conflict is in values 
> alignment:
> "Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on 
> the Internet."
> Enterprise deployers generally value minimizing support burden 
> significantly more highly than (for example) allowing users to 
> customize their installation.  Additionally, enterprises value many 
> features in ways (eg calendaring) that are fundamentally very 
> different than the ways that end users tend to value them.
> More operationally, a big motivation behind this statement is simply 
> an intent to focus.  Mozilla as an organization doesn't have 
> significant experience in working with the Enterprise sector, and 
> Thunderbird as a project has far too few active developers to do a 
> good job with both individual and enterprise features.

I agree. Do not spend a lot of effort on it, but take as much of the 
market as you easily can - easy both in resources and values.

Can we clarify "focus" to mean that, e.g. "We nevertheless appreciate 
patches that make Thunderbird more enterprise-friendly, if they are not 
in conflict with our values", and avoid being interpreted as "we don't 
want enterprise-aimed features"?

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