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> Thanks for these posts, interesting stuff.
You're welcome!
> One question if I may, or please tell me to go elsewhere, but why is 
> the Market focus just SOHO? 
 From a strategic point of view, the biggest conflict is in values 

"Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the 

Enterprise deployers generally value minimizing support burden 
significantly more highly than (for example) allowing users to customize 
their installation.  Additionally, enterprises value many features in 
ways (eg calendaring) that are fundamentally very different than the 
ways that end users tend to value them.

More operationally, a big motivation behind this statement is simply an 
intent to focus.  Mozilla as an organization doesn't have significant 
experience in working with the Enterprise sector, and Thunderbird as a 
project has far too few active developers to do a good job with both 
individual and enterprise features.
> What's up with going after the larger business sector? I'd love to see 
> TB able to fit into more of a corporate environment and provide a 
> decent, cross-platform, alternative to Outlook ...
While we don't feel we are in a position to include the enterprise in 
the scope of the core product, there are people and organizations in the 
Thunderbird community who are interested in this market, some of whom 
are participating in the add-on ecosystem and some in maintaining older 
branches of Thudnerbird for enterprise customers.

Some of them are small businesspeople, and others work for larger 
players in the enterprise space (such as Red Hat).  The tb-enterprise 
mailing list is a good place to get in contact with that group of people.


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