Update on Mozilla Developer Network

Jennifer Zickerman jen at mozillamessaging.com
Tue Jul 13 21:43:53 UTC 2010

During the Summit I talked to many people about what is going on with 
the Mozilla Developer Center. Here's a summary of what I learned:

== Current MDC Situation ==

- The current site is reasonably stable and performance, while not 
great, is better than it was. Given our commitment to a home-rolled wiki 
("Sumo", see below), it's unlikely there will significant enhancements 
to the current platform.

- Changes to some of the more complex templates do not get pushed live 
for two or three hours after the change. If you don't see your template 
modifications, you can either wait or ping sheppy (as he has the 
sooper-sekret credentials to push template changes live).

== Short-Term Changes: Mozilla Developer Network ==

- The "Mozilla Developer Center" is being rebranded / subsumed by the 
new "Mozilla Developer Network". (https://wiki.mozilla.org/MDN) As far 
as I can tell this mostly involves adding some top-level "community" 
pages (including forums and feedback). However this does not take the 
place of the Mozilla Add-On Developer Hub. 
(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers). Documentation URLs will 
change so there will probably be some third-party link breakage.

- The MDN redesign will roll out towards the end of July.

- MDC / MDN is the responsibility of the Engagement group, not Engineering.

= Long-Term Changes: Sumo ==

- MDC / MDN will be moved to the Sumo wiki platform that is currently 
under development. The first cut of Sumo will probably arrive at the end 
of the year at the earliest. Work on the MDC transition won't happen 
until the first cut of Sumo is stable.

- MDC Sumo is intended to address problems with performance, 
localization, UX (search, etc), and provide mediawiki syntax, improved 
editing / content management / curation tools, metrics, and user profiles.


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