Thunderbird prefs redesign (aka mega-prefs)

Kent James kent at
Sun Dec 26 21:30:32 UTC 2010

On 12/26/2010 1:10 PM, Jim wrote:
> Since the plan is to put all the prefs in one spot, we need a way to
> handle options that can be set per-account. There are really two types
> of per-account prefs: account-specific details (e.g. incoming server,
> drafts folder location) and common prefs (e.g. compose in HTML). For
> the former, it's going to be rare that the details are the same across
> accounts, but for the latter, they may well be the same. (The former
> might also work better in their own dialog.)
> For the common prefs, we probably want a way of selecting the behavior
> for all accounts and then drill down to individual accounts
If you are investigating UI issues surrounding this, you might consider 
whether in some cases so-called inherited folder properties would be the 
appropriate way to manage preferences. See nsIMsgFolder.idl for some 
description of those.

One example of such a property is whether you want junk mail analyzed. 
You could imaging disabling this globally, or for specific account but 
not others, or on a per-folder basis. That is the scope that the 
inherited folder properties were meant to handle.

The use of these has not taken off, primarily because no one has come up 
with a decent user interface that would reflect the inherited nature of 
these preferences. You can see a brief description of those, and some of 
the UI that I have used, at


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