Worthwhile Thunderbird projects/addons?

Thomas Stache bugs.thomas at gmx.com
Tue Dec 21 11:32:39 UTC 2010

On 21.12.2010 10:58, Bryan Clark wrote:
> On 10-12-20 9:56 PM, Jim wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 7:10 PM, Bryan Clark<clarkbw at gnome.org> wrote:
>>> Dragons! But if you were to start on something like this I would give my
>>> (new) standard recommendation. Start with a tab and a browser element
>>> and
>>> HTML. We could then flatten all the preferences and account settings
>>> into a
>>> single page with some accordion like expand collapse trickery. This
>>> would
>>> be slightly difficult work because it's full of crazy edge cases but you
>>> could also transition the existing UI over as you implemented different
>>> pieces.
>> The only thing that concerns me about this plan is the "HTML" part.
>> One of the things that always bothered me a little about the Gloda
>> search UI was that it looked more like a webpage than something native
>> to the OS. I suppose using HTML instead of XUL doesn't technically
>> restrict how it looks, though it would make it more difficult to use
>> XUL-only controls.
>> There are some places where this works out (e.g. the ill-fated updates
>> to account central and folders), but in general, I prefer UI that
>> looks OS-native, since (in my non-scientific opinion), it has lower
>> mental overhead and makes everything look like it fits together.
> Right, much of it is a matter of CSS. The thing that isn't CSS and where
> you really want to make decisions is on the widgets used. The OS look
> often means using the tree or list widgets, which are the clunkers of UI
> design when it comes to visualizing information; like trying to use
> spreadsheets to visualize all your information.

But wouldn't going further down the HTML-page-road increase the problems 
of extensibility, like the Search Results page discussion just recently 
made clear? Until there's a plan for extensions, I can't see the 
benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


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