Worthwhile Thunderbird projects/addons?

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at asutherland.org
Tue Dec 21 01:32:20 UTC 2010

On 12/20/2010 05:10 PM, Bryan Clark wrote:
> Like Dan said, you should definitely check out the Contacts add-on - 
> https://mozillalabs.com/messaging/thunderbird-contacts/ as any future 
> facing address book should understand that people exist on multiple 
> messaging systems.

One important note here is that the extension is not technically 
production ready.  It uses a Mozilla Labs library that attempts to make 
asynchronous things synchronous by (dangerously) spinning nested event 
loops.  As such, the program logic would require a fair amount of 
refactoring if it were to be used for something intended to land in 
core.  The good news is that I believe that many of the data gathering 
plugins/services are not significantly affected.

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