Worthwhile Thunderbird projects/addons?

Bryan Clark clarkbw at gnome.org
Tue Dec 21 01:10:20 UTC 2010

On 10-12-20 3:37 PM, Jim wrote:
> Lately, I've been feeling the itch to contribute to Thunderbird in 
> some "significant" way, though I'm rapidly running out of things I can 
> think of to do (the last thing I've got is bug 282068 to fix up the 
> attachment pane in the message reader). I wouldn't be surprised if 
> there are other people in the same situation as me, so maybe it would 
> be a good idea for people to suggest worthwhile projects/addons for 
> Thunderbird.
Awesome!  You rock and we should be sending you /another/ t-shirt if we 
haven't already.
> By way of example, here are a couple of ideas I've had, although I 
> have no idea if they're things people would really care about:
> * Reorganize account settings / preferences
Dragons!  But if you were to start on something like this I would give 
my (new) standard recommendation.  Start with a tab and a browser 
element and HTML.  We could then flatten all the preferences *and* 
account settings into a single page with some accordion like expand 
collapse trickery.  This would be slightly difficult work because it's 
full of crazy edge cases but you could also transition the existing UI 
over as you implemented different pieces.

> * Update address book backend to support SQLite (may be a big project)
> * Update address book UI
I think these two are one in the same because you really need to start 
with a new storage system to have more than two email addresses, etc.  
Again (new) standard start: tab, browser, HTML.  I would use Gloda as 
the "Collected Address Book" and use your own SQLite version as the new 
address book that will be organizing the contacts that Gloda has found 
and others that may be imported or entered.  The UI for this is fairly 
simple set of pages which list contacts and list a persons contact 

Like Dan said, you should definitely check out the Contacts add-on - 
https://mozillalabs.com/messaging/thunderbird-contacts/ as any future 
facing address book should understand that people exist on multiple 
messaging systems.

In designing a new address book I would also include a way (via 
plugins?) for different sites to update ephemeral information about 
people.  e.g. Current location via Google Latitude or similar, current 
status via status.net/twitter or similar.  But that's getting pretty far 

> Does anyone else have ideas for high-value projects for Thunderbird?
Both are awesome projects and I have some designs for either, if you're 
interested I could find them and we could chat about ideas.  I've got 
some free time in these next couple weeks as most people are on vacation 
and I'm here catching up on other work.

The UX Priorities is also a good place to look.  Be sure to ping any of 
the bugs before you start digging into the work just so people have a 
heads up as plans could have changed since they were first filed.

~ Bryan
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