Stopping Thunderbird 3.0 / comm-1.9.1 builds

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Fri Dec 10 12:28:02 UTC 2010

On 2010-12-10 7:20 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> Now that we have released the last of the Thunderbird 3.0.x builds, I
> would like to stop producing nightly and unit test builds for the
> Thunderbird 3.0.x / comm-1.9.1 branch.
> I would like this to happen next week a this will reduce the management
> load on our infrastructure. If anyone has a reason that we shouldn't do
> this, please let us know as soon as possible.
> There are only a small amount of nightly users left on the 3.0.x branch,
> and as a result, it is not really worth the effort of doing a special
> major update. We will however, replace the start and what's new pages
> with directions on where to get newer versions of Thunderbird.

Imho, one of the primary reasons users are reluctant to upgrade from
3.0.x to 3.1.x is the loss of the old quickfilter searchbox, which was
replaced by the new Quick Filter Toolbar. (If you disagree, what other
reason, really, could there be? What other major change exists between
the two that would be a 'blocker' for people?)

Implementation of my bug 570815 would eliminate this obstacle.

The new Unified Search extension has already implemented it, although it
still needs work, so apparently a lot of the work is already done. Maybe
someone could approach the extension author about polishing their work
and incorporating it into the core code?

Just a thought...

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