Stopping Thunderbird 3.0 / comm-1.9.1 builds

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Dec 10 12:20:13 UTC 2010

Now that we have released the last of the Thunderbird 3.0.x builds, I 
would like to stop producing nightly and unit test builds for the 
Thunderbird 3.0.x / comm-1.9.1 branch.

I would like this to happen next week a this will reduce the management 
load on our infrastructure. If anyone has a reason that we shouldn't do 
this, please let us know as soon as possible.

There are only a small amount of nightly users left on the 3.0.x branch, 
and as a result, it is not really worth the effort of doing a special 
major update. We will however, replace the start and what's new pages 
with directions on where to get newer versions of Thunderbird.


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