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Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at
Sun Dec 5 21:41:22 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I've been hitting the same error repeatedly when hooking up my "quick
reply" code to the nsMsgCompose.cpp code [2]. Everything's working just
fine, I've got it all mostly figured out, except for some details, but
one thing that's bugging me is that sometimes, the sending process just
ends up with a "Copy Complete." message and never terminates. This is
completely random, I haven't been able to correlate it with anything,
sending the exact same message again works just fine...

This is a known issue in the Seamonkey world (see [1]), but I was
wondering if any Thunderbird people had experienced such a thing.

 From a JS perspective, the progressListener set using
";1"::registerListener sees its
onStatusChange method called, but the stateListener
(msgCompose.RegisterStateListener(stateListener);) never sees its
ComposeProcessDone method called. The sendListener
(msgComposeParams.sendListener) never sees its onSendComplete method
called either.

I'm thinking about a JS GC issue (the random nature of the thing seems
to fit such a theory)... but my listeners are all hooked up to globals
of the DOM window. The nsMsg{Send,Compose}.cpp files don't seem to
mention any kind of weak pointers, and no references released too early
jumped at me, so I'm kinda out of ideas.

Any ideas/theories/thoughts/advice that might help me debug such random

Thanks in advance!

jonathan (:protz)

[2] This is part of my "Thunderbird Conversations" experiment, which
should be made public in a couple of days.

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