Decision making processes

Jeff Grossman jeff at
Thu Aug 12 13:56:51 UTC 2010

  On 8/12/2010 6:06 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> The important note is that there are currently no plans to remove 
>> anything!  My mention of NNTP is just an attempt to be forthright 
>> about the implications of the above document and the limited manpower 
>> on hand.
> I don't want to be argumentative, but if lack of manpower is a prime 
> problem, then it would be important to keep volunteer contributors 
> happy, no? The proportion of votes imply to me that the majority of 
> them want NNTP (which goes back to our original topic). I accept this 
> particular decision, just food for thought for upcoming decisions, be 
> it product decisions or project organization. You cannot run an 
> open-source project like a classical company, in terms of decision 
> making, communication etc. - if you do, you'll lose most of the 
> volunteers (and in fact we do not have many). I feel like this is at 
> the root of many of my disagreements. You have to decide, for the 
> project: Do we want volunteers, and many of them, a vibrant community, 
> or do we want to run like a company, and make decisions mostly among 
> ourself? It's not possible to do both. 

I apologize right off the bat if I am jumping into something that either 
I should not or just do not know enough about the subject.  I am a user 
not a developer.  From my understanding of the original topic was not 
related to removing NNTP functionality from Thunderbird but was from 
allowing the use of NNTP to read this particular newsgroup.  I do not 
agree with the statement that most developers would be upset if it was 
decided to remove NNTP from Thunderbird.  I remember seeing, on more 
than one occasion, that people are using Agent to read the Mozilla 
newsgroups, not Thunderbird.  I think we are confusing the two issues 
here.  One is allowing the use of NNTP to read this newsgroup, which has 
been decided that will not happen right now.  There is another issue 
involving if features from future versions of Thunderbird would be 
removed because of manpower limitations and NNTP was just an example.

I could be completely off base, and like I said I apologize if I am 
going down the wrong road.  That is how I am reading this current thread.


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