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Thu Aug 12 04:07:00 UTC 2010

  On 08/09/2010 09:56 PM, Unicorn.Consulting wrote:
>  On 10/08/2010 6:07 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
>> If the Mozilla devs *all* truly feel this way, then they should simply
>> remove NNTP functionality from TB completely - in which case I'd be
>> *really* pissed... ;)
>> _______________________________________________
> And I for one would be gone. It is the NNTP functionality that has me 
> as a Thunderbird user. Outlook does the job nicely for mail. NNTP is 
> the winning edge that Thunderbird supplies to me and has me overlook 
> the HTML limitations and foibles of the mail client.

Apologies for singling this message out, but I do not feel this is a 
useful contribution to the intended purpose of this mailing list.  Such 
a message is better suited to, 
or more traditionally, the list/newsgroup.

I think we should be moderating out all messages of the form "If 
Thunderbird drops feature X, I'm switching to Y" because they do not 
actually help move us forward; at best, I think they have the chance to 
start a small "me too" subthread of complaints or a minor flame war.  I 
think everyone involved with Thunderbird understands that for every 
feature Thunderbird has that there is a group of users who use that 
feature and will be upset if the feature is changed or removed.  I 
understand it to be a non-goal of this mailing list to provide a voice 
to every one of those users to make their number and favorite features 

We do care what features people use and how they use them, but that is 
why we are trying to move forward with Test Pilot ( ) for Thunderbird.  So we can have 
detailed and machine-tallied usage statistics without use our planning 
channels as a statistically invalid impromptu survey.

If anyone has any questions about the goals and rules of this mailing 
list, please see here:

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