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On 8/5/2010 9:10 PM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> On 8/4/10 4:43 AM, Karsten Düsterloh wrote:
>> Dan Mosedale wrote:
>>> At
>>> <> ,
>>> we've said that we're targeting individual and SOHO (Small Office /
>>> Home  Office) users.  We've also said that we'll be doing this by
>>> "focusing on conversations that occur over mainstream and emerging
>>> communication channels. These include email, web forums, social
>>> networks, and microblogging services."
>> I derive from that you seem to consider NNTP neither mainstream nor
>> emerging?
> That's right.  That came up a few different times in conversations at the summit, and there seemed to be fairly broad agreement around that viewpoint. 
IMO that's because "new users" are not aware of the capabilities of NNTP
Ignoring that venue (NNTP) does little to make them aware.

Originally dubbed "collabra" , I take it the intention was to facilitate collaboration in whatever format/topic one wanted to stipulate.
Quick points

    * Can be moderated
    * Can require authentication for posting
    * Format/Scope can be determined "up-front" at signup (binaries/html/remote content)
    * Participation is user-centric based on interest
    * A more leisurely response timeline makes for more thoughtful participation

Personally, I've had made great well thought out conversations in newsgroups, and I can't really say the same for email.
Facebook has many of the characteristics of newsgroups. And certainly a well administered NNTP server is far more secure and private.

Bottom line: If the current generation doesn't know about NNTP maybe we should tell them about it, rather than trying  to "chase" what is
currently in voque.
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