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Dan Mosedale dmose at
Fri Aug 6 17:35:29 UTC 2010

  To see threads in a folder that you've ignored in the past, go to the 
View menu -> Threads and check the "Ignored Threads".  As you've quite 
rightly pointed out, this isn't very discoverable at all, which is why 
Bryan has proposed that those messages be made visible in a "Muted 
Threads" subfolder.


On 8/6/10 6:17 AM, neandr wrote:
>  Just tested this 'beast'.
> After some search I found the menu (show msgs of a thread in the 
> "Thread pane", use the main menu with "Message", find the menu entries 
> at the very end with "Ignore Thread / Ignore Subthread")
> Be aware: using those cmds will remove the thread. I didn't found any 
> chance to re-enable the thread!!! Only deleting the .msf file does the 
> job.
> Just a note to be careful with it  ;-)
> Günter
>  [06.08.2010 03:01]    »Dan Mosedale« wrote:
>>  I've created version 0.1 of an add-on that exposes the "ignore 
>> (sub-)thread" functionality to email, using the same UX as currently 
>> works in newsgroups.
>> Bryan has suggested a "Muted Threads" folder analogous to the "Junk" 
>> folder to avoid inadvertently losing threads with mistaken 
>> keypresses, which sounds like a good idea to me.  Since that's not 
>> yet implemented, and because I don't yet have updates set up, I'm not 
>> yet advertising this add-on broadly.
>> Recent discussion here suggests that folks on this list might be 
>> interested in using it in spite of those warts, so I'm starting by 
>> talking about it here.
>> So far, I've tested on Thunderbird 3.1.2.  It can be found at 
>> <>.  If you're interested in poking at 
>> the source, it's at <>.  I'd 
>> expect it to be easy to modify to make watching threads work for 
>> email as well.
>> Dan
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