MuteThread 0.1 add-on

Bryan Clark clarkbw at
Fri Aug 6 04:00:14 UTC 2010

So hawt!  Installing now.

On Aug 5, 2010 7:01 PM, "Dan Mosedale" <dmose at> wrote:
> I've created version 0.1 of an add-on that exposes the "ignore
> (sub-)thread" functionality to email, using the same UX as currently
> works in newsgroups.
> Bryan has suggested a "Muted Threads" folder analogous to the "Junk"
> folder to avoid inadvertently losing threads with mistaken keypresses,
> which sounds like a good idea to me. Since that's not yet implemented,
> and because I don't yet have updates set up, I'm not yet advertising
> this add-on broadly.
> Recent discussion here suggests that folks on this list might be
> interested in using it in spite of those warts, so I'm starting by
> talking about it here.
> So far, I've tested on Thunderbird 3.1.2. It can be found at
> <>. If you're interested in poking at the
> source, it's at <>. I'd expect it
> to be easy to modify to make watching threads work for email as well.
> Dan
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