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Bryan Clark clarkbw at
Wed Aug 4 23:26:02 UTC 2010

  Hey All -

We've just released a new add-on at the Mozilla Labs Messaging site 
called Thunderbird Contacts.

This is an adaptation of the existing Firefox Contacts add-on running 
inside Thunderbird with a few TB specific features.  The goal was to 
experiment with a completely different direction that an address book 
could take.  If you try out the extension you'll see that it understands 
how to connect to different address book sources and merge contacts.

We're hoping this will become a good talking point for future address 
book discussions and it will give us lots of extra contact data to play 
with when prototyping address book interfaces.

Here are all the relevant links, check out the video Shane made for the 
project page.

Mozilla Labs Messaging

Thunderbird Contacts Project Page

Thunderbird Contacts Release Blog Post

Thunderbird Contacts Add-on

Source Code


~ Bryan

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