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Wed Aug 4 08:03:17 UTC 2010

Dan Mosedale <dmose at> hat am 3. August 2010 um 23:57

> At
> <>, 
> we've said that we're targeting individual and SOHO (Small Office / Home 
> Office) users.  We've also said that we'll be doing this by"focusing on
> conversations that occur over mainstream and emerging communication
> channels. These include email, web forums, social networks, and
> microblogging services."
> All of the interests in the list above are not only our own interests as a
> development community, they are also shared by our users when they're
> having conversations over email.  And those rough edges of handling
> conversations over email are part of our mainstream users' day-to-day
> experience of our product. 
> While it makes alotof sense for us asthedevelopment community to enjoy the
> benefits of the NNTP experience today, it is also acting as a crutch:
> because we're not eating our own dogfood, it's preventing us from having a
> deeper understanding of how those problems feel to our users.
> This in turn makes it much harder for us to make the gut prioritization
> choices for solutions to these issues both individually and as a group.
> And when I say individually, what I'm trying to communicate is that while
> some amount of feature work and fixes happens as a result of driver-led
> prioritization, lots also depends on decisions made by individual
> community members.  In particular, it depends on the decisions of
> individual developers, triagers,bug filers, anddesigners about "what feels
> like the next most important thing for me to spend my own time on?". 
> So I'd like to be clear that at this point I still feel that the decision
> to leave the NNTP gateways off is the right one, though not an easy one. 
> I understand that this requires some work flow changes and, even with
> those, it won't be entirely comfortable, and I'm sympathetic to that.  But
> it has the advantage of serving the interests of _both_ us in the
> development community _and_ the interests of our users, rather than
> serving the interests of the development community while working against
> the interests of our users.

Let me just say, that my preference for a NNTP-based discussion has nothing
at all to do with not eating my own dogfood (e-mail) and has nothing to do
with ignoring the TB userbase.
It has everything to do with improving my own productivity and making the
best out of the relatively little time, that I can contribute to Thunderbird
as an outside contributor.
In my humble opinion you should strive to make life as easy as possible for
outside contributors. Several of those, who are well respected in the
community and are much involved in Thunderbird development, have raised
their concerns here and your refusal to adjust your original decision does
not bode well for their continued involvement.
I'm just speaking for myself here, but for a few months now I've not been
able to contribute as much time to Thunderbird as in the past, due to
job-related and private-life matters, that reduce my spare time
considerably. If you continue to make life hard for me, I'll have to
unsubscribe from tb-planning. I don't know if that will considerably hurt
you, but I'd prefer to stay involved.


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