Thunderbird market segments

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Thu Apr 29 23:12:12 UTC 2010

  On 4/26/10 5:05 PM, Kent James wrote:
>  I want to try to summarize what I am hearing from people, rather than 
> focus on a point-by-point commentary or rebuttal that would result in 
> the kind of pointless long-winded discussion that this list is 
> supposed to be preventing.
> First, let me point out that the only agreed market segmentation is 
> the "individual" versus the "enterprise". Personally I don't think 
> that is enough granularity to help truly understand direction, but I'm 
> not sure continuing that discussion is worthwhile.
I would tend to agree with this, FWIW.
> Finally, responding to "we need to paint a picture of a future version 
> of Thunderbird that is compelling ... I don't think that's something 
> that can be done either a) with words alone, or b) in isolation."
> I don't see anywhere an attempt to describe "with words" a compelling 
> vision for Thunderbird. Instead of "with words alone" let's embrace 
> "with words at least". Maybe that is where I get strange ideas about 
> what people believe and their strategy. If I don't hear it in words, 
> then I have to make it up.
I think you're right to push on this: the lack of anything useful here 
makes things too amorphous as well as much harder for all of us to row 
in the same (or even related) direction(s).  I'll try and draw some sort 
of charter up for what it is I think we're trying to do, probably in the 
vein of past Firefox and Raindrop charters, though I won't be doing this 


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