Thunderbird market segments

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Apr 29 22:57:37 UTC 2010

  On 30.04.2010 00:51, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>  On 4/29/10 3:33 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> Is that guy correct that TB people don't want him? If not, could we 
>> please give him a different impression/feeling, that he'd be welcome, 
>> and get the ball rolling? If he's right, what's the reason?
> I think the Tb people aren't yet sure what we want, and I think that's 
> what we've communicated with him, but it's conceivable he came away 
> with a different impression of our discussions.
> To clarify, we believe that having a good mail composition environment 
> for both plain text and HTML mail is indeed an important long-term 
> goal.  We're not at all convinced, however, that continuing to iterate 
> on the existing XUL-based compose window is a reasonable strategy to 
> get us to that goal.  Furthermore, adding yet another standalone 
> project Kompozer to comm-central entrains two other significant 
> issues: governance (Kompozer isn't an official Mozilla project), and 
> coordination costs (tension between Tb and Sm around branching related 
> things is already non-trivial; adding more projects makes that problem 
> worse).
> Until we make the time to lay down our composition strategy (which 
> isn't likely to be immediate), sorting through the other issues 
> doesn't make a lot of sense.

OK, I would take home as "not too enthusiastic" as well.

If you don't want the resources or plan, and there's somebody willing to 
take the job, then why not let him? That's what open-source is about.

If you end up, later (you say yourself it's not likely to be soon), 
deciding that you want to go another route and rewrite the editor, fine, 
you can do that still.

At least we'd have some much-needed improvements in the meantime. And 
you'd have another, realistic option at  your disposal, while right now 
the option is only theoretical (and who knows whether he's still willing 
when you are...).

In open source, when there's somebody competent and willing, that's 
great! Open source projects are driven by the contributors...


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