Thunderbird market segments

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Thu Apr 29 22:51:37 UTC 2010

  On 4/29/10 3:33 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Is that guy correct that TB people don't want him? If not, could we 
> please give him a different impression/feeling, that he'd be welcome, 
> and get the ball rolling? If he's right, what's the reason?
I think the Tb people aren't yet sure what we want, and I think that's 
what we've communicated with him, but it's conceivable he came away with 
a different impression of our discussions.

To clarify, we believe that having a good mail composition environment 
for both plain text and HTML mail is indeed an important long-term 
goal.  We're not at all convinced, however, that continuing to iterate 
on the existing XUL-based compose window is a reasonable strategy to get 
us to that goal.  Furthermore, adding yet another standalone project 
Kompozer to comm-central entrains two other significant issues: 
governance (Kompozer isn't an official Mozilla project), and 
coordination costs (tension between Tb and Sm around branching related 
things is already non-trivial; adding more projects makes that problem 

Until we make the time to lay down our composition strategy (which isn't 
likely to be immediate), sorting through the other issues doesn't make a 
lot of sense.


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