Thunderbird market segments

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Apr 29 22:33:54 UTC 2010

  On 29.04.2010 14:15, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>> SeaMonkey guys told me some guy who forked the HTML editor code years
>> ago would be happy to not only merge his changes back to us but also
>> take over the HTML editor and continue to fix bugs. I'd be happy about
>> that.
> That guy feels that the Thunderbird community doesn't want the 
> standalone HTML editor (KompoZer) to live in comm-central

I'd love to have him here, though! We desperately need a maintainer for 
the HTML editor. There are tons of bugs lingering since years, and 
nobody there to fix them. And from what I heard, he did good work.

He releases his stuff under MPL tri-license, and gives credit openly to 
mozilla <>. His name seems to be 
Fabien Cazenave (aka Kazé <>), FWIW.

Is that guy correct that TB people don't want him? If not, could we 
please give him a different impression/feeling, that he'd be welcome, 
and get the ball rolling? If he's right, what's the reason?

> [SeaMonkey] are ... working with him.



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